What are the best SEO extensions for Chrome? The sacrosanct question in this world where every detail makes a difference. You have chosen the Google browser and you have excellent results in terms of navigability. But you want something more. As always.
Semrush, Answer The Public, Screaming Frog, and other professional SEO tools do most of the work. But even with Chrome add-ons, they can help. Like? Here are the best KissAnime extensions you need to evaluate and always use.
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Web Developer
Redirect Path
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Check My Links
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Meta SEO Inspector
Indispensable. This SEO plugin for Chrome and Firefox has an essential function from my point of view (i.e. that of a web writer).
Keyword Everywhere allows you to show monthly search volume, cost-per-click, and keyword competition data against different websites.
This is the paid version, the free one is limited to extracting the related and “People Also Search For” searches, showing everything in the SERP.
In other words, it is essential for careful SEO copywriting. It also allows you to analyze web pages and export the keywords that interest you. In this way, you can do a job of keyword analysis and organization of the editorial plan with ease.
Web Developer
A starting point for everyone, especially for those who do SEO . The Web Developer add-on adds a toolbar to your browser and allows you to operate on the page.
This is done through several options. Like deactivating plugins and replacing images with the alt attribute , but that’s just one example of the countless functions you can activate with what is, for sure, one of the best SEO extensions for Chrome.
Redirect Path
The plugin everyone loves. When you go to a web page, this Chrome extension alerts you of the presence of a possible 301 redirect and indicates, in the in-depth window, which is the starting address. Comfortable and effective.
SEO Minion
This tool is useful for obtaining a flood of data for on-page optimization and competitor analysis work. For example, thanks to this free add-on you can get the analysis of all the elements of the web page useful for SEO analysis .
Plus it identifies working and broken links. An SEO Minion feature : it previews the results of a website even by varying the language or location.
We always remain in the industry of the best SEO extensions for Chrome that deal with serp and web page analysis. Here I want to suggest Seoquake , with:
Metrics of all pages.
Serp analysis
Data export to CVS.
Internal and external link reports.
SEo full page audit.
I talked about metrics . Which ones are they? This SEO bar for Chrome takes information from Google, Yahoo! and Bing but also Semrush and Alexa.
Among the fans of on-page optimization there is a wide diffusion of MozBar , among the best SEO extensions for Chrome. What do you find with this tool?
You have all the metrics when viewing any page or serp and it is easier to assess the authority of the page or domain. You can also create customized searches by engine, country, region or city. On the on-page side you can highlight the keywords that interest you, the satus of the links (for example if they are nofollow).
Of course you have the option to export all data to CSV , and this is for the free version only. The one connected to the Moz Pro plan offers much more.
Check My Links
Useful, simple , immediate. This extension for Google Chrome (found on the Check My Links page ) does only one thing: it checks the hyperlinks.
It analyzes a page and tells you if there are any broken links. So it is an extension developed mainly for web designers, web writers and, of course, SEO experts who want to quickly check all links are working.
Page Analytics
The Google Analytics Chrome extension allows you to get useful information about how customers interact with the web pages of your site. In particular, you can find out an essential fact: which links are clicked .
You can use this information to optimize your site layout , triggering SEO work for web designers and improve user experience. Increasing conversions. In particular, from this tool you can get:
Page views.
Unique views.
Average time on page.
Bounce rate .
Percentage of Exit.
Number of active visitors.
And then there is the analysis of clicks on the web page that allows you to understand where users bring the attention of the cursor and the mouse. Or your finger if you use smartphones.
Not just on-page SEO, backlink analysis wants your attention. In these cases there is no other way to go: install Majestic Backlink Analyzer now .
This is an SEO tool that takes into account metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, number of links to URLs . Of course those who subscribe to the service can get a lot more like a list of the most relevant backlinks with URLs and anchor text.
Meta SEO Inspector
The perfect tool for fixing errors in the title tag or related to the meta description . This Chrome extension analyzes the Google meta tags .
And identify points to optimize. For example, do you want to quickly identify any missing description on a web page? Meta SEO Inspector reports it to you and the same goes for missing title tags or with several characters not recommended.
Do you know other apps and extensions to customize Chrome?

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